Mini Loans, the first free

Frequently we receive inquiries about the mini credits, where the first one is free. We are going to answer this question today.

Updated in DECEMBER 2018, to give you the freshest information about free credits.

Important Note: These financiers do not grant loans with delinquency – with the exception of manucredit, which does contemplate this option, so if this is your case and you are in a file associated with delinquency, do not forget to visit our section Credits with Financial Credit Institutions

In these moments you have 4 very good options in mini-credits at 0.0% interest

Without sending documentation and approved in less than 8 minutes.

bankil offers you your free mini credit, at 0% interest, as long as it is your first mini loan with them.

  • Up to € 300 free
  • Between 5 and 30 days to return it
  • You will be surprised at its ease and speed
  • Without endorsement

Requirements: from 18 to 75 years old. Do not appear in delinquency files. Residence in Spain. Justify some type of monthly income (payroll, unemployment or other benefits of monthly payment, retirement, self-employed, etc.).

Is it possible to get my first free loan without interest?

As we will see throughout the article, the free word when we talk about mini-loans or loans does not mean that they will give us the money, or that we do not have to pay absolutely anything. What he wants to tell us, when this term is used, is that we are not going to add interests.

That is, if we request one of the free microcredits that are offered by financial companies, for example, € 500. We will be charged these 500 euros. No fees and interest will be added that substantially increase the amount we have contracted.

Remember that this advantage is usually due to some promotion by financial companies. That, although some have it continuously, in others it can be seasonal, so we will have to be aware of whether it is still in force when we are interested in contracting our loan.

If it is the first time you request this type of products through the Internet, you are not used to making purchases online, or you do not know if you are browsing safely, we advise you to take a look at this website so that you can take the necessary security measures to avoid any kind of online security problem.

Where to apply for free mini loans for free?

This is certainly one of the star offers in quick microcredit. An interest of 0.0% or, what is the same, that the loan comes out free, as long as you are a new client. That is, it is your first mini loan with that financial in question.

Although little by little the private capital financiers are adopting this promotion – of the first free credit – so interesting for the consumer, they are still not all, far from it, those that have free loans. In fact, among our entire selection of mini-loan financiers, only hypocredit and bankil work with the offer of free micro-loans on a permanent basis.

To see these and other financials go to the panel of immediate credits and compare conditions:

We can talk about the rules to get free mini-credits

Obviously, the first norm is obvious: make it your first loan with the financial one in particular. Once you have already asked for one, you can accept other types of offers, such as requesting a larger credit. For example, Wonga gives you a maximum of € 300 in your first mini credit and, starting in the second, the amount goes up to double, 600 euros.

But this entity is not one of those that offer microcredits for free. It is, however, hypocredit, which effectively gives you the possibility to get money gone through a personal loan, totally free.

It is convenient to clarify that the free of charge of these micro loans you get, of course, provided that you attend in time the return of the micro loan. In this way and respecting these conditions, we can request a loan from hypocredit and, if we return it in a timely manner, we will get the interest for 0 €.

In the case that you are in Financial Credit Institutions or in another file of defaulters and need a microcredit with Financial Credit Institutions, to get your first free mini loan you should consider manucredit as your best option, since before you should know if the private financier grants free loans to whom is in this type of lists. Again we refer you to the page on our website dedicated to quick credits, so you can choose and contrasts minicredit instantly.

Who was going to say, for example, that they can now get mini-credits with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll. Until recently, a file almost completely prevented funding, even if payroll was available. Nor is there now a huge number of entities that do not look at it, as we mentioned before, but there are.

It is impressive what the Internet does for us, for Spanish consumers, by offering us all kinds of facilities. Also in the case of quick money products with Financial Credit Institutions, and also do it without questions, gaining a lot in speed when making the processing of the microloan.

That said, we must also remember that we need to be disciplined with the management of a mini-credit, whether it is free or not, and not skip steps.

First of all it must be to read the conditions that the financial clause in the contract that we sign. Remember that the fact that they are free for the first mini-credit, does not mean that we do not have to take responsibility for what we sign, just as we would in our usual bank.

Loans and credits for free

When you go to ask for money to an entity, notice that all the financial websites expose their conditions in an accessible way for the client. Read them ALWAYS first of all, before signing anything or sending any kind of document. It is not that we are saying that they are going to contradict in their offer of free micro loans, but, we insist, as for any product that we buy, whether online or not, we must learn everything.

Apply for fast mini online credits, first free loan, with responsibility

The world of online mini-credits has been taking giant steps in parallel to society. And, they could not stay behind in a society in which the economic crisis has taken its toll.

Therefore, being aware of the situation, financial institutions have been sophisticated and expanding their offers to get one of the most acclaimed by their customers: the granting of free fast mini credits. In this case, the free word does not consist of obtaining a free money, but a mini credit without interest and, as explained throughout the post, only if this is the first free mini credit that is requested to the same financial entity in question.

But that these advances have been achieved in the world of mini free online loans, does not mean that we should not always walk with feet to any kind of hiring of these economic offers. We must act in a responsible and cautious way to avoid any kind of problem in the long run.

Therefore, the Quick Money team wants to give you some small tips before you hire any type of free online micro loans.

Tips for hiring free instant credits

Next, we will provide you with a series of steps, specifically three, to carry out from the zero minute in which you start looking for quick credits without interest through Internet or other means. Obviously these points to follow are not obligatory far from it, but they can avoid disappointments in the long run.

  • Search : you must be meticulous and conscientious when looking for free mini loans on the web. Investigate and read about all the offers available in the numerous Internet pages dedicated to this field of interest-free credits.
  • Compare : once you have on the table free fast credit offers that suit your needs, you should check them against each other to see which one best suits your socio-economic situation.
  • Decide : at this point you will have to ask some questions. Have you looked at all the immediate micro-credits of the market? Can you pay within the established term for this free mini-credit that you like? Does it fit your needs (be without guarantee, without payroll, in Financial Credit Institutions… etc.)? Once you check and discard those offers of quick loans without interest that are far from your possibilities, you will have the result (or results) of the free loan that best suits your situation.